Modern Picnic Table

This picnic table and benches are modern in style but traditional in craftsmanship.
Using redwood reclaimed from old decks, the table and benches are protected with danish oil that lets the wood's natural beauty shine through. The sides are attached to the structure using through tenons, a traditional joinery method, and the structure is designed to allow the top and sides of the table and benches to expand and contract with fluctuations in weather—critical for a long useful life. The design is minimalist, focusing on three apparently unconnected pieces: two sides and a top floating above them. Nevertheless, the wood grain matches from sides to top.

The table is 60"L x 30"W x 31"H
The benches are 50"L x 10"W x 18.75”H

Offered at $750

Table and BenchesTablethree quarter

Cork Board

This week I was made aware that my (eleven-year-old) niece wants a corkboard for her birthday to hang above her desk. It’s a good thing this is a hobby, because I might have overdone things a bit.
Since I already had redwood out for the picnic table (which is still in process, pictures to come) I used that. Mortise and tenon: necessary? No. The hollow chisel mortiser makes them easy though.
Cork Board 2
Parts all made and ready for assembly. The mason jar will act as a pen holder on the dry-erase side. the shelf is notched into the face and screwed from the back.
Cork Board 3
Assembled and oiled!
Cork Board 4

Modern Picnic Table

Redwood Table 3
Hey, let’s make something! This morning I ambled into the shop (a whole ten steps from the kitchen), coffee in hand.
My first project is a modern picnic table and two benches out of some redwood reclaimed from an old deck. I picked up the wood a year ago and it has been waiting my readiness to work with it.
Today cut the lumber down into rough sections, and milled it to size (5” x 1 1/4”)
Redwood Table 1
All the parts are marked center, left, and right (this will be important for grain matching purposes).
Redwood Table 2

The redwood is really beautiful.
Redwood Table 10

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